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Welcome to The Silly Goose!


Hi there! I'm Jenny, aka your Top Goose. Myself along with Jeff (our Head Honker) and our family welcome you to our Silly Goose Life! We are a family owned and run business in Canton, GA.


​Our family loves spending time together, cooking, laughing, and playing games. We also love to celebrate special occasions and holidays, and want to help pass that joy and time along to you and your family every day with our homemade goodies and gifts!

Be sure to join The Goose Nest to stay up to date on the latest and greatest at The Silly Goose, get fun and creative ideas for how to use our homemade goodies as well as getting delicious recipes from our family!

You can find helpful product reviews on many of our favorite go-to products in The Silly Goose kitchen from our very own Head Honker at!

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